Captain Jessica Davis

Born and raised in Tennessee, Jessica Davis will be a southern gal in her heart. Still, the love of mountains and snow eventually brought her to Juneau, Alaska, for a single winter season as a snowboard instructor. Well, like the sailors lured by the Sirens’ song in Greek mythology, Jessica was drawn in by the astonishing beauty of Alaska and decided to stay.

As luck would have it, she landed a job working on the water for the first time; as a deckhand for a whale watch company in 2013. She immediately fell in love with the water, and after three summers working on whale watching tours, she realized being a mariner was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

As is often the case, once the mariner bug bites, the desire to become a captain is just short of an obsession. So Jessica earned her 100 Ton Master’s Captain’s License in 2016 and has been working as a captain ever since. In that time, she’s navigated the waters throughout most of Southeast Alaska, and her favorite place to be is weaving through the ice in Tracy Arm.

When she’s not on the water, you’ll find her hiking up mountains with her Golden Retriever, fishing, paddle boarding, playing hockey, and enjoying her side hustle making jewelry.

Jessica has earned the following certifications and accreditations

  • USCG Master Endorsements: Inland Waters, 100 Ton 
  • CPR/First Aid certified
  • American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI)
    • Level 2 Accreditation  
    • Children’s Specialist 1 certified
  • VPDSD endorsement (Vessel Personnel with Dedicated Security Duties)

Jessica is an invaluable part of the Sea Lion family and a joy to work with.

Libby Baldwin, Naturalist/Guide (and soon-to-be solo captain) 

From Libby’s earliest memories, there was no doubt about her trajectory in life. She’s had a lifelong passion for marine life, especially those “sea pandas,” more commonly known as killer whales or orcas. As a toddler, nothing excited her more than seeing them on TV. (FUN FACT: Killer whales are the largest member of the dolphin family.)

After seeing them in the wild when she was 12, Libby knew a career spent in the company of whales was her ultimate goal. The day after college graduation, she hopped on a plane to Washington state and managed to convince a whale watch captain to teach her how to become a naturalist.

Every summer since, she’s worked as a naturalist leading tours on whale watching boats, coming to Juneau in 2016. Two years later, Libby earned her 50-ton captain’s license and looks forward to combining her incredible talents as a naturalist with her capabilities as a boat captain.

Libby has earned several certifications which include

  • Merchant Mariner Credential, 50-Ton Inland Master’s, United States Coast Guard (2018)
  • Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit, Federal Communications Commission (2018)
  • CPR, AED and Basic First Aid, American Safety and Health Institute

We’re excited to have Libby join the Sea Lion Adventure Tours team!

Jordan “Kowboy” Serdynski, Director of Engineering

Growing up, Kowboy spent all of his summers learning the ropes and working at his family’s ranch in Idaho, Rigger’s Ranch. It was originally homesteaded by his great-great-grandfather, who immigrated to the U.S. from Germany in the late 1800s, eventually making his way to Idaho, where he was able to take full advantage of President Abraham Lincoln’s Homestead Act of 1862. The law allowed him to stake a claim on a piece of land that he could own outright with an official patent if he met specific criteria; live on the property continuously for five years, build a home on it, farm it, and make improvements. If those criteria were met, he could receive a presidential patent for the land. Kowboy’s great-great-grandfather received his official patent signed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1904.

It was a good training ground and made him well rounded and industrious. For example, ten-year-old Kowboy taught himself how to build dirt bike ramps with his grandpa’s Bobcat. He could handle just about anything a working ranch could throw at him. All the while, however, he always wanted to be a professional hunting guide. So… he became one at Ridge Runner Outfitters in Idaho for about five years.

Realizing he wasn’t getting any younger, he sought a career that might be less taxing on his body. As it happened, Kowboy’s brother was moving to Alaska, so he took the opportunity to tag along. When he arrived in Juneau, he decided to pursue a nursing career and enrolled in the University of Alaska Southeast Nursing program.

But how did he wind up in the marine tour business? Kowboy worked in the supply department for Allen Marine Tours in Juneau his first summer in Alaska. They asked him back for the next season with a promotion to Supply Manager. The company began to learn of his many skills, and season after season put him to work with ever-increasing responsibility, including rewiring a 207-foot, 76-passenger, 38-stateroom vessel. They quickly promoted him to engineer after that.

While working in the marine tour industry since moving to Juneau, Kowboy has also performed work as a welder, shipyard electrician, heavy equipment operator (that experience with his grandfather’s Bobcat certainly must have come in handy), and a deckhand.

When he’s not working on boats, Kowboy is hunting, fishing, hiking, or riding his Harley. He’s also an unapologetic, hardcore PS4 gamer.

We say, unapologetically, Kowboy is an extraordinary and indispensable member of the Sea Lion family!