Jordan "Kowboy"Serdynski

Director of Engineering

Growing up, Kowboy spent all of his summers working at Rigger’s Ranch in Idaho. The ranch was initially homesteaded by his great-great-grandfather, who immigrated from Germany in the late 1800s. President Theodore Roosevelt signed the papers that made him the land’s legal owner in 1904.

Kowboy could handle just about anything a working ranch could throw at him, but he wanted to be a professional hunting guide. So, he did at Ridge Runner Outfitters in Idaho for about five years. Then, when Kowboy learned his brother was moving to Alaska, he decided to tag along.

So, how did he wind up in the marine tour business? During his first summer here, Kowboy worked in the supply department for the largest marine tour operation in Juneau. They asked him back for the next season with a promotion. Then season after season put him to work with ever-increasing responsibility & additional promotions until he became their engineer. Honestly, he can practically do anything!

When he’s not working on boats, Kowboy is hunting, fishing, hiking, or riding his Harley. He’s also an unapologetic, hardcore PS4 gamer.

We say, unapologetically, Kowboy is an extraordinary and indispensable member of the Sea Lion family!