A piece of Alaska you’ll have for a lifetime!

Why do we travel? The places we go and things we do vary from person to person and family to family. But, there are two things we feel confident in saying that are definitely on the list; fantastic experiences and memories. And not just ordinary memories but the kind that come with big feelings and an unexpected infatuation with a place. 

And while we all come home from our vacations with charming souvenirs, gift shop trinkets, t-shirts, and the like, these tangible reminders of our travels are often stashed in a drawer, a closet, or eventually in a yard sale. Rarely do they elicit the extraordinary feeling that comes with the memory of something you’ve experienced for the first time or being with a loved one having the experience for the first time.

SEA LION ADVENTURE TOURS makes it our business to provide you with experiences in Juneau, Alaska, that transform into the wondrous, majestic, and breathtaking memories you’ll have forever.  We offer private Marine Safaris and Sea Kayak Adventures that include traditional whale watching and viewing lots of other marine mammals, land animals, Bald eagles, glaciers, and more.

Our Sea Kayaking Adventure is currently available in combination with a Marine Safari. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never kayaked before… we promise that no experience is necessary. 

In addition to private tours, we offer up to full-day charters with a maximum boat capacity of six passengers, Guests can choose between more traditional whale watch excursions to customized marine adventures. 


No matter what you decide, you’ll take home a piece of Alaska you’ll have for a lifetime.


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