Marine Safaris & Kayak Combos

your safari with or w/out kayaking

Our “Marine Safaris” provide you with excellent views of both marine wildlife, majestic bald eagles, and other fantastic feathered beauties. You’ll also be mesmerized by the almost prehistoric landscape and the trees, plants, and flowers that decorate it. With any luck, you may even catch sight of what inhabits the land; bears, wolves, Sitka blacktail deer, mountain goats, and maybe even a moose. Our unobtrusive vessels enable us to be close to the coastline allowing you to hear the sounds of the birds, waterfalls, whales, eagles, sea lions, and more. The size of our vessels also means every seat has a great view!

We’ll head north to the Channel Islands, Mother Nature steals the show; that’s where the whales hang out. It’s a popular spot for them since what they eat also hangs out there. You’ll see humpback whales (maybe some Killer whales) and unmatched beauty all around you. The notably huge Steller sea lions, harbor seals, Bald Eagles, Dall’s porpoise, and other wildlife are known to make appearances as well.

Our knowledgeable staff will tell you about some of Juneau’s history and show you related points of interest during your tour.

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* This tour includes transportation to and from the departure point, snacks (and lunch depending on the length of the trip), and non-alcoholic beverages.

** Please let us know if you or a member of your party has food allergies or dietary restrictions within 48 hours of your tour, so there is enough time to have the appropriate items aboard.


Since our Marine Safaris are all private, we set our prices based on the length of your tour, a “boat rate,” rather than a per-person rate.

Please get in touch with us for availability &/or to book your tour.

3-Hour & 4-Hour Private Marine Safaris

6-Hour Private Marine Safari + Kayaking

Sea Lion Adventure Tours is proud to offer active-duty U.S. military, U.S. military veterans, and first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.) a 10% discount on any tour.
Please contact us for a discount code when you’re ready to book.

While we all hope gas prices go down soon, due to its rising cost, we are temporarily
adding a 5% fuel surcharge based on the cost of your tour. If applicable, the surcharge
may apply to certain “add-on” activities.

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