Never One-Size-Fits-All

Sea Lion Adventure Tours (SLAT) does things a little differently than most other tours and excursions available to travelers in the area. We offer exceptional and unique tours and adventures on the water and land surrounding Juneau, Alaska. By sharing the experience with fewer people than most other tours, you’ll feel closer to the action and receive more personal attention, whether it’s for a couple of hours or all day.

SLAT guests have second-to-none viewing of humpback whales, Killer Whales (Orcas), sea lions, harbor seals, eagles, sea otters, dolphins, porpoise, bears, Mountain goats, and the gorgeous local trees, plants, and flowers. We think SLAT is also a superb way to enjoy the area’s stunning mountains jutting straight up from the ocean floor, magnificent waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, and forested islands that make up the Alexander Archipelago.

Our boats are also smaller and faster. With as few as 6 and no more than 20 seats available on our vessels, we can easily steer clear of the many large tour boats out there. You’ll not only get a better view, but we’ll get to our destinations and the activities and adventures you plan to do with us quicker.

Unquestionably, your priority while on vacation is FUN! (That’s the point of leisure travel, after all.) We also know you put a premium on safety. Sea Lion Adventure Tours takes great care to strike a perfect balance between an extraordinary experience and the safety of our guests. Your safety includes the usual things, like taking great care to prevent physical injuries, as well as doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our CORONAVIRUS safety protocols are available in our “Policies & FAQs” section of our site. For your convenience, click here to go there directly. That becomes clear when you interact with our carefully chosen team from beginning to end.

You decide.

Instead of a single, one-size-fits-all tour, we have a variety of tour combinations available. SLAT offers tours that range from thoughtfully predetermined excursions to customized experiences for your bucket list and everything in between. Your adventurous spirit and physical abilities determine which is best for you.

As you tour the ocean looking for wildlife, maybe you’d like to navigate icebergs on a paddleboard, kayak, zodiac, or jet ski or relax and view everything from the comfort of a heated cabin onboard. Perhaps you’d rather experience the best fishing on the planet: saltwater, freshwater, or a fly out to a remote fly fishing stream. Or, imagine a few days doing all of those things.

Some of the options listed here may not be available for the entire 2021 season but please inquire about the availability of each.

Again, we have several pre-planned excursions or would be happy to customize an experience for you.

How it works.

Think of us as you would your favorite pizzeria, but instead of choosing toppings, you’re deciding on experiences.

For example, you can make a reservation for one of our pre-set tours, something we often do and always meets everyone’s expectations (like the tried and true already on the menu). Guests can choose one, two, or three of our activities a la cart (like starting with a cheese pizza, then choosing a few toppings that sound best). Or, talk to us about even more customized tours and activities. Depending on time and other variables, this experience may sometimes allow guests to do things not typically listed on our activity list. (In this case, start with a plain crust and build from there; even if some ingredients require special ordering in advance.)