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Whale Safari with or without Kayaking!

Our “Whale Safaris” depart from Auke Bay and head north to the Channel Islands, where the whales hang out. It’s a popular spot for them since what they eat also hangs out there. You’ll see humpback whales (maybe some Killer whales) and unmatched beauty all around you. Sea Lions, seals, eagles, Dall’s porpoise, and other wildlife are known to make appearances as well.


4 Hour Whale Safari *  

Min. 4 people / Max. 6 people


6 Hour Whale Safari + Kayaking *

Min. 4 people / Max. 6 people


Click here to make reservations. Be sure to use code SOLSTICE2020 to save 25% for a limited time.


*Trips begin July 18, 2020 and continue next season through August 15, 2021!