Our Rates

Here are the tour rates for our Private Marine Safaris, Kayak Adventures, and Custom Charters.

For tour descriptions and booking information, please go to “Our Tours” on the navigation menu above and choose any of our options.

Private Tours                                          Duration             All-inclusive rate          Max People

Marine Safari                                         3 Hrs                  $1,450                              6 Max

Marine Safari                                         4 Hrs                  $1,650                              6 Max

Marine Safari                                         5 Hrs                  $1,950                              6 Max

Marine Safari/Kayak Combo              6 Hrs                 $2,350                              6 Max

Tour                                                             Duration            Rate per person             Min/Max People

Kayak Adventure (kayak only)             3.5 Hours          $150.00 per person        4 Min/6 Max

Custom Charter                                       Duration            Charter Rate                  Max People

Custom Charter, Half-Day                     6 Hours            Call for Rate                   Max 6

Custom Charter, Full-Day                      8+ Hours          Call for Rate                   Max 6

While we all hope gas prices go down soon, due to its rising cost, we are temporarily
adding a 5% fuel surcharge based on the cost of your tour. If applicable, the surcharge
may apply to certain “add-on” activities.

Sea Lion Adventure Tours is proud to offer active-duty U.S. military, U.S. military veterans, and first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.) a 10% discount on any tour.
Please contact us for a discount code when you’re ready to book.

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