Kayak Adventure

No Experience Necessary

3.5 Hours

While our small vessels get you close to the water and the wildlife surrounding you; kayaks get you even closer!

One of our experienced guides will take you on a journey to see the beauty of the animals, birds, flowers, trees, mountains, islands, and glaciers near Juneau from a unique vantage point. Guides are also available to assist any kayaker as necessary.

Our “fleet” of Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Inflatable kayaks each have two 11.5″ fully inflated chambers and a high-pressure, drop stitch floor, making them almost impossible to flip over.

While these kayaks are inflatable, they’re NOT toys! The Sea Eagle 380x has a Class IV whitewater rating and can handle open-water and downwind sailing! It’s big enough for two, small enough for one, and capable of holding 750 lbs.

We chose our kayaks to make our guests’ trip comfortable (we even added seats), and because of their stability, allow even the least experienced kayaker (#NeverKayakedBefore) to feel like they’ve been doing it forever.

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Sea Lion Adventure Tours is proud to offer active-duty U.S. military, U.S. military veterans, and first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.) a 10% discount on any tour.
Please contact us for a discount code when you’re ready to book.

While we all hope gas prices go down soon, due to its rising cost, we are temporarily
adding a 5% fuel surcharge based on the cost of your tour. If applicable, the surcharge
may apply to certain “add-on” activities.

We HIGHLY SUGGEST guests bring rubber boots, gloves, and rain gear to wear in the kayaks.
During the summer, the weather in Southeast Alaska can range from temperatures in the low 50s and extraordinarily rainy to 80 degrees and sunny. (That is 100% true!) Either way, because our kayaks are open, there is a better than even chance you’ll get at least a little water on you, either from water splashing into the kayak or rain + the splashing part. While it could be a sunny 70-, 80-, or 90-degree day,  we always say you should prepare for a chilly and damp day just in case.

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