Will I get seasick?

On tours like ours, motion sickness is rare. However, the water around Juneau ranges from calm to a bit bumpy on any given day. We do our best to avoid a rough or rocky ride by finding some “smoother sailing” whenever possible. If you are prone to seasickness (or think you might be), we recommend you take preventative measures before the tour. Once you feel seasick, it’s too late.

Do you allow pets on board?

Sorry to disappoint anyone, but pets are not allowed. Service animals that fit on the vessel are allowed to board, of course, per the ADA statutes. If you are bringing a service animal, please let us know at the time you purchase your tickets.

Pot-Free Zone

While it is common knowledge that Alaska legalized marijuana, we comply with Federal law, which means we are a drug-free vessel. Please don’t bring marijuana or illegal drugs on board.

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